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The domain pt.2

Posted by Thumbsy (Administrators) at Wed 21 Oct 2015, 23:21:54. 0 comments

October 21st, 2015

It's been quite a while ago by now, but I wanted to wait it out in case anything would happen in the following days/weeks. But alas, nothing.

I'm gutted to announce that the .net domain is no more. We have been brutally outbid by multiple unknown parties when the domain came into auction.

The current situation will remain for the unforeseeable time.


The domain

Posted by Thumbsy (Administrators) at Mon 31 Aug 2015, 15:22:06. 0 comments

August 31st, 2015

Hey guys, having just changed the default domain again for now, I figured it'd be good opportunity to write a proper announcement here as well.

As we all have found out by now, the .net domain is currently no longer functional and it is likely to remain this way for the coming months. The domain has sadly never been in any of our hands and thus we can only hope to acquire ownership of it in the future. For the time being, you can always fall back on our permanent domain http://s10.zetaboards.com/Vocamania_Project/ and the easier to remember mirror domain http://vocamania.nl/ which we'll currently fall back on by default.

On another note, the submission slots for VCP 14 -PAD Side- are almost gone, with only 2 places left. It doesn't mean all that much nowadays but it's still nice to know, right? ;) If you want to get a file into what might possibly be the last VCP for the foreseeable time, be sure to secure yourself a spot!


Happy Holidays!

Posted by Thumbsy (Administrators) at Wed 24 Dec 2014, 23:49:33. 0 comments

December 24th, 2014

Posted Image

Wishing all of you very happy holidays and all the best wishes for the new year!
Let's make it a good one!!

I have no idea what the japanese says it better not be something weird sgjkdfh

Things have been quiet, and it's safe to say the VCP project is in a slumber, but the core is still very much alive.
Whether it awakens from its sleep is up to all of us, collectively. We'll see what 2015 brings :)


VCP 13 Patch

Posted by Thumbsy (Administrators) at Sun 11 May 2014, 19:26:25. 0 comments

May 11th, 2014

Posted Image

Nope, we're not releasing a second VCP 13 or anything, but DO click on that banner if you downloaded the pack already!
It will lead to the download thread for the VCP 13 patch this time!

I know, I know, again.. :')

Not a lot of changes this time fortunately, but there's one important fix amongst them so we really do recommend you to download and apply it if you downloaded VCP 13 before May 11th.

Thank you for your understanding!

Vocaloid Collaboration Project 13 released

Posted by Thumbsy (Administrators) at Sun 20 Apr 2014, 18:22:38. 0 comments

April 20th, 2014

Posted Image

Yes, that banner is exactly what you think it means! So go ahead, click on it, and you'll be set!
What? Late news? I don't know what you're talking about

We have also recently welcomed a new coder to our team who will be assisting us with any issues that the themes/website may have.
Lake Okobogee already gave the support button in the top menu a convenient update, check it out (in Silt).

Happy Easter!

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